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Three habits that are making you MORE stressed out...

Stress has become an epidemic in our society. Learning how to manage stress is a far better tool than any pill or medication because stress is the leading cause of illness. However, telling yourself NOT to be stressed only makes things more stressful! Therefore it's important to look through your lifestyle and see what is decreasing your stress threshold. For those of you that have read my blogs, you have heard about this before, but let us do a quick review: First, stress can be anything that causes your body to be on “high alert” or overloaded. We have become so accustomed to ambient “noise” that our system is constantly ON. Managing the numerous sounds, smells, lights, tastes, se

Sleep and Melatonin

Do you have troubles falling or staying asleep? Do you feel unrested in the morning? Sleep is probably one of the more difficult things I treat because really good sleep is dependent on balancing hormones, emotions, diet and nervous system. In this article we are going to focus on hormones, specifically Melatonin. For those of you wondering why we sleep… here are some reasons: We repair, process, and strengthen the body only when sleeping Sleep helps us to solidify and consolidate memories: bits and pieces of information are transferred from more tentative, short-term memory to stronger, long-term memory—a process called "consolidation." grows muscles and repair tissue synthesize hormone

The Story about Sugar...

Anyone addicted to “DRUGS” are frowned upon in our society. Common misconceptions are weak willed, mentally disturbed, trouble makers etc. Just to be clear, a drug is an addictive substance that alters your own brain chemistry. Sugar is the most common and used drug in our population. According to Stats Canada “The sugar that Canadians consume accounts for 21% of their daily calories. While 31% of this sugar comes from vegetables and fruit, a higher percentage―35%―comes from "other" foods. Beverages are among the top sources of sugar.” (Click here for the full article) The body treats ALL sugar the same way. There is no difference if sugar is from a fruit or a candy bar. What isdifferent i

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