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Why Do I Feel so Bad?

When people come into my office they generally don't FEEL good. They may feel anxious, tired, sad or down. They may report that they feel stuck in their lives, stressed, or have swinging moods. They usually have some physical symptoms that also causes them pain. (insomnia, body pain, hormonal imbalances, gut issues, autoimmune diseases, fatigue, etc).

My first question is WHEN did this all happen? And usually the patient can tell me the time. Generally there is a long period of prolonged stress, and one final extremely stressful event where everything "started to go wrong". Stress always changes the body. The PROLONGED increased cortisol changes the body by increasing blood sugar, decreases immune system, increases inflammation,

Part of my job is to help balance the body's chemistry. Your sleep patterns, period, mood, energy, digestion and elimination pathways tell the story of how your body is functioning and where things are stuck. If symptoms are vague then I may recommend a hormone test (like the DUTCH test, food sensitivity test , organic acids test or neurotransmitters test) to understand what is happening on a biochemical level.

Treatment is very individual, but there are some commonalities when balancing mood and the body. First I always address cortisol, our stress hormone. The body will favour making cortisol so we don't die. When this is not balanced (which is 99% of the time when stressed), then we do not make our regular hormones in the right amount. I love to use herbs such as Ashwagandha and other adaptogenic herbs (Rhodiola, Eleuthrococcus, Schisandra, Astragalus), to help with cortisol balance.

Next I focus on digestion. If your body is not digesting food, or not absorbing nutrients properly, you cannot make your hormones. This also causes depression changes in nutrients needed for chemical pathways. The result is low energy, mood swings and inflammation in the body. Switching to a warm anti-inflammatory diet with lots of dark leafy greens, root vegetables and soup will help balance digestion and reboot the system.

Finally the MOST important step... you must help calm the mind and remove unwanted emotions/traumas in the body. In my 14 years of practice I have never seen someone fully heal by just addressing physical symptoms ! This requires mind-body tools to REMOVE the emotions and patterns while changing the neural connections from the brain to the body. I use homeopathy, acupuncture, meditation, theta healing and subconscious reprogramming.

When you address all 3: mental, emotional and physical aspects of a person, you truly heal and step towards the best version of yourself!

Want to learn more? There are many ways to connect with me. I give unique mediations and information in my membership platform. I also hold in person group Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy, where you can experience what it feels like to rewire your own body. You can also book in with me for a 1-1 session.

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